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Make Your Own Lava Lamp

If you're a going to attempt to make your own lamp, we have all the formulas here. First I should say that the experience can be fun but it is not neccessarily cheap. As a matter of fact, just buying a new lamp is probably cheaper. On the other hand, the obsessively inquisitive won't sleep until they crack the code!

The difficult part about making your own liquid motion lamp is, of course, the motion. We won't go into the lamp base too much. The store-bought ones use a 40w appliance bulb in a metal housing which directs the heat to the underside of the glass container. If you're making your own base, we recommend installing a dimmer switch so that you can control your heat output.

Read our disclaimer and then choose your poison below.

the lava lamp patent  
Patent Formulas
Lava Lamp Patent So you wanna know exactly what's in a manufactured lava lamp? This is the place! A word of warning: Get out your chemistry books.
Poor Man's Lava Lamp Formula  
home-made lava lamp Mineral Oil/ Alcohol Formulas
Poor Man's Lava Lamp This is the classic "simple, easy, cheap" formula that has been floating around the internet for years. A great place to start!
Second Attempt at Poor Man's I've created a motion lamp! (But is it lava?) Follow this link for new findings and pics.
White Trash Lava Lamp The helpful hints and tricks listed here by Nathan Walton are among the best on the internet. Great pics too!
Mineral Oil/ Alcohol Lava Lamp - Add Turpentine Check out the lava lamps made by Spy007. He's learned to add a bit of Turpentine.
the rest of the lava lamp formulas  
The Rest
Retro-Basic Lava Lamp This formula gets the Oozing Goo seal of approval. retro272 has cracked the code and layed it all out for everyone to see!
Starting From Scratch, Way Scratch This bit of, almost mythic, internet homebrew lava lamp lore dates back to the beginning of time. Good Luck with this help, you'll need it.
Other Ideas Go here for all the other theories and hypotheses. On this page you'll find a link to a KiDs vErSiOn.
Change Your Lava's Color Check out this step-by-step method for updating your lava lamp.

Lava Lamp Scientists can now brainstorm and share ideas in the Science Lab discussion of the Lava Line.



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