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Martina Goo's Lava Lamp Gallery

- Big changes are underway here!

I've documented here (what attempts to be) a complete gallery of all the lava lamps ever made in the history of mankind! Sort of. One rule, I'm not including any lava lamps which degrade the supremecy of the lava itself. In other words, no lamps with an alien head or a north pole scene rendered on the base. The design of the lamps should compliment rather than compromise the beauty of the lava motion. (I must say a hearty "Thank You" to all the goo heads who have submitted pictures for the gallery. If you have a great pic or specific lamp information, post the info in the Collecting discussion of the Lava Line.) Enjoy! ~ Martina Goo
absolut lamp
Weird/Rare Lava Lamps
Six new pics! Thought you've seen 'em all? Take a look at these rare (and sometimes weird, and sometimes lame) lava lamps. You won't find any of these models at the mall.
vintage lava lamp
Vintage Lava Lamps  
CHECK THESE OUT! Oh yeah! This is what you came for! Follow this link to see the elusive styles of the 60s and 70s. Lava lamp collectors, please don't drool.
mathmos telstar lava lamp
Current Lava Lamps
YET TO BE UPDATED - This group includes the makes of the two patent holders: Haggerty and Mathmos. Haggerty makes the official LAVAź brand motion lamps in Chicago, and Mathmos is the European manufacturer of "cool". If you can get your hands on an electrical converter, I suggest you hunt down a few of these Mathmos beauties for your collection. Check 'em out.
cartoon lava lamps
Funny/Other Pics  
These aren't exactly pictures of lava lamps. They're more like pictures about lava lamps. Who knows why some of these were created. Think lava potpouri! Check 'em out.
new cylinder lava lamp
The Knock-Offs
YET TO BE UPDATED - Bring in the imposters. The LAVAź brand lamps are made right here in the good ol' U.S. of A. Does that mean that they're overpriced? Naahhh. Some say that the asian wanabees just don't have that same lava motion. Check 'em out.
Good luck collecting!
~Martina Goo

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